An Experience for the Senses
Oladar cafe

Nestled against the idyllic backdrop of Gulab Bagh Park, Shahpura Oladar Cafe unveils a mesmerizing vista that enchants the senses.

An embodiment of sustainability, it embraces the use of recycled and repurposed materials, further enhancing the rustic charm that pervades the entire establishment. The open courtyard on the ground floor is graced by the presence of a magnificent mango tree, bestowing a serene and earthy ambiance upon the surroundings, providing an enchanting setting to savour your culinary delights. Step inside, and be greeted by the lively and inviting atmosphere, adorned with colourful boho interiors. Whether you choose to dine alfresco under the twinkling stars with canopied seating or find solace within the cosy confines of the village-themed restaurant, the warm glow of the yellow lights, captivating wall photographs, and rustic décor envelopes you in the essence of Shahpura royalty with unparalleled allure.

Guests can discover a plethora of additional offerings that add to the overall experience. The restaurant features a vibrant foosball corner, to engage in friendly competitions while savouring the vibrant atmosphere. The spirited cheers and lively energy of the games create a dynamic backdrop to your culinary journey, ensuring an unforgettable time with dear ones.

The tantalizing aroma of meticulously roasted coffee beans permeates the air, harmoniously complementing the extensive appetizer menu that boasts a fusion of Italian, Continental, Indian, and other delightful cuisines. Each dish is a testament to the culinary expertise of the Insta-worthy place, promising a delectable journey for your taste buds.

Satisfy your caffeine cravings with exceptional coffees expertly prepared by our skilled barista where each sip immerses you in the rich and invigorating flavours of our meticulously crafted brews. Give way to magical nights with our signature cocktails and mocktails crafted by our skilled mixologist. Whether you have a sweet palate or fancy a touch of spice in your drinks, the cocktail menu has something for everyone with the curated collection of classic tipples, wines and tap beer.

As you savour the flavours, Shahpura Oladar Cafe encourages you to slow down, unwind, and enjoy every moment in the company of cherished friends and loved ones.

  • Time: – (Daily)

Dress Code

Smart casual (no shorts, hats, or sandals permitted)


Open for drinks only

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