• Social distancing measures are embedded in all services for guest protection, including contactless check-in and housekeeping services
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in areas across the property and face masks are also available for guests.
  • All our employees are required to wear gloves and masks at all times. An enhanced PPE gear is provided to our Housekeeping team while sanitization and disinfection of rooms and linen.
  • Shahpura Hotels & Resorts is appointing a Hygiene Officer focused on implementing enhancements to already stringent procedures.


  • High touch public areas (i.e. Elevator buttons, door handles, bathrooms, etc) are being cleaned hourly with extra attention to frequented areas including front desk counters and public restrooms. Elevators operate at a maximum capacity of 3 persons. The elevators are marked with directions for guests to indicate standing positions.
  • Enhanced wash cycles to treat guest laundry and linen. Laundry service to be provided for garments that are washable as per CDC guidelines (i.e. garments that can be washed in temperatures 60° Celsius And above) and will be collected in disposable.
  • Hotel also has a tie-up with a leading ambulance service should any guests feel unwell and require assistance.


  • Pre arrival screening, including a check on the guest's travel history and purpose of visit.
  • All bookings need to be guaranteed by a credit card or a company by a credit card or a company guarantee.
  • Guest Experience employees will share a pre-arrival email to highlight the changes in the service and standards in advance and promote contactless service facilities being provided.


  • The porch will be set up with a Hygiene and Safety kit.
  • Mandated temperature screening upon arrival will be conducted.
  • Mandatory health assessment for all guests. Guest to fill in a screening questionnaire on arrival and details about their travel history.
  • Guest luggage and shoes are disinfected on arrival.


  • Essential staff at check-in to maintain social distancing.
  • Contactless wait-free check-in and check-out options.
  • Guests will be briefed about the hotel's preparedness in hygiene and safety, and changes to service offerings
  • Only rooms that have been rested for 48 hours after sanitization and after disinfection it will be allocated to guests


  • Personalized in-room guest letter outlining the hotel's readiness in the hygiene measures undertaken.
  • Welcome kit with a mask, sanitizer bottle, and antiseptic wipes will be placed, per guest, in all rooms.
  • Room to be serviced and cleaned when the guest is not in the room.
  • Room will undergo the highest levels of sanitization with employees in PPE & use of fog master, and environment-safe products to disinfect surfaces. Rooms will be inspected under UV light to ensure sanitization.
  • Dry amenities and turndown services are available to our guests upon request.
  • Upon guest departure, rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to rest for 48 hours before being allocated to the next guest.


  • Contactless bill payment. Cash payments are discouraged.
  • Cards will be placed on a sanitized tray while receiving and handing over the card.
  • Request feedback from guests through an online feedback survey.
  • E-invoice will be shared with the guest post their departure.


  • Updated knowledge and awareness of government and local body issued protocols for destination, restaurants, entertainment, tourism & shopping.
  • PPE kits / Masks are available for guests at the concierge desk.
  • Packages and delivery parcels received on behalf of guests to be sanitized and disinfected before being delivered to the guest.
  • Concierge will focus on thorough and frequent disinfection of the hotel's transport services.


  • Guests can choose to dine at Restaurant, Lobby Lounge, and through in-room dining.
  • Digital menus to be made available to guests that can be scanned and viewed through a QR code.
  • All servers will wear masks and gloves with frequent hand washing.
  • Tables and chairs to be disinfected before every guest is seated and post their departure.
  • Room service and clearance through in-room dining will be done in guest's rooms only upon request or else a knock and drop service will be offered.
  • Delivery and Takeaway orders are available via hotel delivery.
  • Table reservations are recommended.


  • Seating capacities based on government guidelines for social distancing.
  • Sanitization/disinfection of no food touching equipment that is reused food touching equipment that is reused like tables, chairs, etc. between events.
  • No self-service buffets
  • Guests may order their buffet from a menu in either single or family-style portions with individualized service ware.
  • Bottled water & mints as single serves, only on tables.
  • Our members-only meeting space -The Board Room is operational and open to members.
  • Revised seating maintaining social distancing norms implemented at The Board Room.


  • Operations at The Spa, Pool, and Gymnasium is ceased until further guidance from the government.
  • Reopening of the spaces will be communicated to guests.
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