So Many Ways to Unwind
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary And Viratnagar

Mornings at the retreat are reserved for embarking on a captivating journey to the awe-inspiring Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, where guests can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and encounter magnificent wildlife through an exhilarating jeep ride. Additionally, a remarkable exploration awaits at the esteemed heritage site of Viratnagar. Step back in time and explore the ancient Buddhist monastery, marvelling at its timeless beauty. Amidst this historical wonder, nestled beneath a colossal rock cave, lies the revered Hanuman Temple—a sacred destination that resonates with profound historical significance. It is here that the echoes of the legendary Pandavo ka Agyat Vyas can be felt, adding a captivating layer of mystique and allure to this extraordinary place.


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