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Holi Celebration at Shahpura

Shahpura House embraces the vibrant celebration of Holi, a festival that reflects the grandeur of royal heritage while embracing the spirit of merriment in Rajasthan. Guests are provided with comfortable attires, ensuring men don elegant kurta pyjamas, while women grace the occasion in graceful salwar suits. The festivities come alive as vibrant herbal colours take centre stage. In the picturesque gardens, faces and clothes become joyful canvases, embodying the triumph of good over evil and fostering a spirit of unity and togetherness.

To enhance the celebratory spirit, refreshing thandai, a traditional Holi beverage, is served to quench the thirst of the guests. Amidst the laughter, people do Dhuff dance on the rhythmic beats of the Chang instrument, infusing the festivities with carefree jubilation.

After the lively celebrations, a lavish lunch buffet allows the guests to indulge in a culinary extravaganza. The buffet showcases an array of exquisite traditional delicacies, meticulously crafted with the flavours of Rajasthan. As guests savour the delectable spread, the joyful spirit of Holi permeates the atmosphere, transforming the meal into a cherished experience of indulgence and celebration.


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